The Power-Push      Feedback is the key to muscle memory,feedback is what ThePower-Push provides.Never
                                                                                          underestimate the power of simplicity!              
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The store is up and running. The price of $35.00 mentioned in the video was an introductory price.The retail price for the PowerPush is $49.99.That is the cost of ONE lesson! Take advantage of this daily pitching trainer, to team up with your instructor, and see the difference daily reinforcement makes!!

Latest Testimonial:  I have been a pitching instructor for 20 years and with my daughter Amie,we operate Leffew Fastpitch in LaGrange,Ohio. One of the most common pitching problems we have had,especially with the younger pitcher,is turning or pivoting the drive foot while on the rubber. We have tried many different things to get them to push off the rubber without turning and have had mixed success until we recently purchased the PowerPush. It really works! When we put the PowerPush on the rubber and they tried to turn before they drove out,they got instant feedback!!!  Several girls were able to fix it after two lessons with the PowerPush and they had been working on it for months!! Amie and I at Leffew Fastpitch highly recommend the PowerPush!!!!

Dave and Amie Leffew
Leffew Fastpitch
548 C N Center St,LaGrange,Oh 44050

Latest testimonial comes from Cindy Marquez of LaVerne,Ca:"Hi Brent,We recieved our PowerPush! My 13 year old daughter used it in her workout yesterday.She doesn't have the sideways drag problem. She has struggled with keeping everything moving down the "line of force" if you will. Anyway,she resisted using it and did so grudgingly. So,after throwing about 15 pitches,she threw without it. She threw ONE pitch without it and put the PowerPush back in place HERSELF with not a word from me. She could see how much harder her pitch was by pushing over her toe. Something she thought she had been doing!!  Thanks!

Cindy Marquez
softball pitcher mom-Laverne,CA

 It is my goal as a pitching instructor to teach basic thru advanced fundamentals in fastpitch softball pitching. Unlike many other coaches out there, I do this through my own experience of pitching World Class softball at the highest levels possible since 1990. There are so few coaches out there with actual fastpitch experience, and even fewer with credentials and accolades from the most prestigious and recognized fastpitch softball events and teams around the world. Having "been there, done that" at all levels of fastpitch, I can help you become a champion whether you're just beginning or a pitcher on your country's National team. Have confidence in knowing that your coach is not only teaching how to win, but has been a winner himself.
- Bill Hillhouse

** "Without question,the PowerPush is one of the most effective and useful training tools for softball pitching I"ve come across.Turning the foot prior to pushing from the rubber is an epidemic in young pitchers and the PowerPush is the only tool I use to help correct this problem.By giving the pitcher INSTANT feedback,they will learn  a correct and efficient push from the rubber which is one of the keys to fastpitch softball pitching". 
                                          -Bill Hillhouse,House of Pitching

***We have shipped out several demos to professional pitching instructors.As their feedback starts to come in,we will post them here:

"Brent,I am very pleased with the PowerPush,it has really helped with two of my girls
that have a problem.I have found out with my other girls that it causes them to open up quicker and speeds their whole motion up,which allows them to throw the ball harder.I now have girls waiting for their turn to use it."---
Joe Packwood-pitching instructor
Packwood Fastpitch

  "Brent, I have been a pitching instructor for nearly 20 years.I have had a number of my clients pitch in college over the years.Two issues have been at the forefront of pitching issues: 1) The leap and drag method,which seems to be taught so universally,and now(finally)pitcher's are actually being held accountable for this illegal movement.I have always thought this was not only illegal,but to hard on the human body. 2) The pitcher turning to soon and not passing through,what I call the Frankenstein point of the pitch before getting into the K point.Both of these habits are counter productive to good,consistent pitching and longevity.With these two issues resolved,pitchers can not only throw harder and more consistently,but can do so for 3 or 4 games a day (without pain), And for many years.
    Until I found the PowerPush,I always had to break down the pitcher and start them over with the most basic of mechanics.This means that it takes longer for the athlete to get back to throwing hard because they were working on mechanics.This lead to alot of frustration.
    As a coach of many years,I know that people learn,less by listening and seeing and more by "feeling"what they are doing.That is EXACTLY what the PowerPush provides.They feel the right way to stride,and teaches sequence as well as body control....Thanks
This thing is great!
John Stegmaier
Stegs Fastpitch Academy

  "Brent,I received the PowerPush and really like this product.All of my pitchers,ages9 to 20 have seen marked improvement from using the PowerPush.We have used other devices,but really like this one"
                                          Lennie Zeringue-Carencro,LA     Fastpitch Instructor
                                                                                                                                                                    "Brent,I received your device(PowerPush) and have used it with several of my students.It does solve a very big problem.It also answers a few questions on how to get more drive legally off the rubber.Tonight,two of my older pitcher's wanted to know why I kept it from them for so long.I am going to see how all my students respond to this device.-Thanks for letting me in on this !"                                                           
                                         Darrell G. Snider-Mobile,AL         Fastpitch Instructor

Rules violation: Every year there is a focus put on certain rules infractions by pitchers. This year one of those rules is dragging the toe,you must keep one foot on the ground at all times during the pitch.The Power-Push promotes a forward push over the big toe,which will put the big toe in position to keep contact with the ground.
Fortunately,we believe this to be the correct pushing position anyway,as it promotes a powerfull push straight down the powerline.Another focus is crow hopping,again the Power-Push will give you the feedback necessary to fix this.Anyway you look at it,thePower-Push is a great training aid to teach correct fundamentals for power and speed,while staying within the rules of the game!
   The Power-Push is designed to promote a powerful,mechanically correct forward push away from the rubber.The fact that it can also correct bad and illegal mechanics is double the benefits.We have designed the channel of the Power-Push to be long enough to promote a forward push away from the rubber,yet short enough to allow the pitcher to open her hips in the middle of her stride,not on the pitching rubber.Obviously we want the pitcher to open up,just not on the rubber.We promote opening up at the highest point in the pitch(Apex)which is more in the middle of the stride,not at the start,or on the rubber.The channel provides instant feedback to the pitcher,letting her know if she does or doesn't push straight down the powerline.By providing a visual path for her push foot,she will better understand what is expected of her.All of this in a simple,no break polypropylene,lightweight product for only $49.99.That's less than the cost of one pitching lesson! Get your pitcher started in the right  direction with The Power-Push!!!!                                                     

Welcome to the official website of The Power-Push softball fastpitch pitcher training aid device!

The Power-Push softball pitcher's training aid device was developed to promote a powerful forward push over the front of the fastpitch pitcher's push foot straight down the power line and away from the pitching rubber. The Power-Push provides a channel for the push foot to promote driving the push foot stright down the power line,not up in the air.This promotes opening up at the "apex"of the pitch,not on the rubber.This will give instant feedback to the pitcher if she turns her push foot to the side too soon in the push and performs either a heel drag or having two feet in the air at the same time The Power-Pushwill be thrown to the side as it catches the pitcher's heel if she turns her push foot too soon in the pitch. This will convince her that she is turning her foot too soon , and will provide the instant feedback necessary to create the muscle memory required to develop great powerful habits as a pitcher.
        Think about it. World class sprinters push straight over their feet out of the starting block for maximum power and speed, so should a softball fastpitch pitcher. Take a good look at some of the word's best fastpitch pitchers and I think you will see that a majority of them are over the big toe and not on the side of their push foot. Being on the side of your push foot creates a strain on the inside of the knee and lower back as well as taking away from the power of the pitcher.
        Seriously! Women use their lower body for the power they need. Most instructors I know always start at the floor and work their way up. The Power-Push is a tremendous aid to teach the correct fundamentals of the push foot and avoid those hard to fix bad habits. Get your pitcher started off in the right direction,stright down the "power line",with the Power-Push.
         Our player model is mold injected, making it lightweight and portable. The player model can be placed in the player's bag,or she can use the provided clip to hang The Power-Push on the outside of her bag saving room.This allows the pitcher to have the Power-Push anywhere she is for use in warmups to reinforce the forward push.Use it before every game and get that instant feedback and confidence to take to the feild. The player model is priced at $49.99 plus shipping&handling and is available now. A pitching lesson costs from 40 to 60 dollars per hour. The one time investment in The Power-push will pay for itself as the pitcher is able to have that same instant feedback throughout the week, from lesson to lesson.

        Watch our video and you can see the difference.Click on the tab at the top.

        We think you will agree that this is a no nonsense training aid device that every softball fast pitch pitcher needs. The simplicity of use and the easy on the wallet price makes this a no brainer purchase to train any softball fast pitch pitcher.

        Thank you, good luck and remember..
"Whether you think that you can or can't, you are usually right." a quote by Henry Ford


"Without question the PowerPush is one of the most effective and useful training tools for softball pitching I've come across. Turning the foot prior to pushing from the rubber is an epidemic in young pitchers and the power push is the only tool I use to correct this problem. By giving the pitcher INSTANT feedback, they will learn a correct and efficient push from the rubber which is one of the keys to fast pitch softball pitching."
-Bill Hillhouse

Terri Mclure
" I love the fact that it gives the girls immediate feedback, whether they are 9 or 19! "

-ASA National Champion 1979
-Played Div. I @ Missouri State University
-Finished Top 10 Nationally Div I
  E.R.A. -4th (1983)
  Wins -7th (1985)
  Strikeouts-10th (1986)
-First softball player to receive MSU  'Female Athlete of the Year"
-Inducted into MSU Hall of Fame 1996
-Holder of several career and single-season records
- Selected to "Team of the Decade" Gateway Conference
- Operator of Terri's Strike Force pitching school for 19 years.
Lindsey Voss
" The Power-Push helps pitchers of all ages understand and improve on leg drive. It's also one of the best tools around for reducing heel drag and crow hopping.  It's lightweight, easy to use, and should be a part of every pitchers training regimen. "

As three time All-American pitcher at  NAIA powerhouse Oklahoma City University, Lindsey led her team to National Championship titles in 2000, 2001, and 2002. During that time she was also named NAIA Pitcher of the Year and was the National Tournament MVP in 2002. Lindsey was also twice named NFCA first team All-American.

Harold "The Legend" Copas
" After working with pitchers of all ages for  years there are a number of problems that keep occurring. Heal dragging being very big and hard to break is one of them. I realized what it would take to break the habit.After using the Power-Push, the girl would learn to push over her toe and away from the pitching rubber. It also releaved the knee pain some girls have experienced from dragging their heel. I use the Power-Push with all my pitchers and students today. "

38 year pitching instructor and 1996-present pitching coach for Oklahoma City University.


Pelican Drill-Start out with your push foot in the Power-Push and your plant foot in the air,like a Pelican.With your weight on your push foot only,pitch as usual.This will keep weight on the push foot and emphisize keeping over the toe and not on the side of the foot or heel.The Power-Push will let you know if you turn your foot to soon,listen to it,it is your friend.

Rocker Drill-Start out the same as the Pelican Drill ,only this time swing the plant foot back and then forward through as in a normal pitch.This will get you a step closer to a regular pitch,while still focusing on the push foot.

Regular Pitching-Work off the rubber as usual with the Power-Push in place to keep an eye on your push foot while you work on the other machanics of pitching.The StopHop will give you feedback on every pitch about your push foot.
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